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Supported Platforms

Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

Supported Data Formats

AMBER, AMBER "CRD" trajectory reader (.crd, .crdbox), AMBER 4-6 structure file(.parm), AMBER 7-9 structure file(.prmtop, .parm7), CHARMM, CHARMM coordinate file (.crd), CHARMM, CNS, NAMD, X-PLOR PSF structure file (.psf), CHARMM, NAMD, X-PLOR "DCD" reader/writer (.dcd), CNS or XPLOR density map, Gromacs TRR/XTC reader (.trr, .xtc), Gromos 96, Gromacs coordinate and trajectory (.g96), NAMD Restart file (.namdbin), PDB, PDB biounit, PDBID, X-PLOR, CNS format electron density map reader (.cns, .edm, .xplor)

Resource Description

VMD is a molecular visualization program for displaying, animating, and analyzing large biomolecular systems using 3-D graphics and built-in scripting.  VMD incorporates built-in tools for structure building, simulation analysis, sequence alignment, photorealistic ray tracing, and movie making.  VMD supports multi-core CPUs, parallel computers, and it benefits from GPU-accelerated computing for demanding analysis and visualization computations.


Alignment, Molecular Simulation, Molecular Structure, Movie Making, Ray Tracing