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Chimera (UCSF Chimera)

Supported Platforms

Linux, Mac OSX, Windows

Supported Data Formats

Aligned FASTA, Aligned NBRF/PIR, AMBER, Amira mesh, scalar, APBS potential, Bild, BRIX or DSN6 density map, CASTp ID fetch, CASTp local, CATH, CCP4 density map, CHARMM, CNS, NAMD, X-PLOR PSF structure file (.psf), CHARMM, NAMD, X-PLOR "DCD" reader/writer (.dcd), Chimera commands, Chimera demo, Chimera map, Chimera markers, Chimera web data, CIF/mmCIF, CIFID, Clustal ALN, CNS or XPLOR density map, COLLADA, DelPhi or GRASP potential, DOCK scoring grid, EDSDIFFID, EDSID, EMAN HDF map, EMDBID, FASTA, Gaussian, Gaussian "cube" file reader (.cube), GCG RSF, gOpenMol grid, GRASP surface file reader (.grasp, .srf), Gromacs TRR/XTC reader (.trr, .xtc), Gromos 87, Gromacs structure file (.gro), HDF5, HSSP, Image stack, IMAGIC density map, IMOD map, IMOD segmentation, MacMolPlt grid, Maestro file, MD Movie metafile, MDL MOL/SDF, MMTK NetCDF trajectory reader (.nc), ModBase, Mol2, MRC density map, MS surface, MSF, NDB, NetCDF generic array, Neuron trace, PDB, PDB biounit, PDBID, PQR (coordinate, charge, and radii) (.pqr), PQSID, Priism microscope image, Priism time series, PROFEC free energy grid, PubChem CID, Purdue image format, Python, Rich Molecular Format, SCOP, Segger segmentation, Selex, Situs map file, SMILES, Sphgen spheres, SPIDER volumetric images (.spi, .spider), STL solid model triangulated geometry files (.stl), Stockholm, SYBYL Mol2 structure files (.mol2), TOM toolbox EM density map, UHBD grid, binary, UniProt accession or ID, VIPERdb, VIPERID, VRML, VTK (.vtk), XYZ coordinate files (.xyz), XYZ trajectory files (.xyz)

Resource Description

A package for the interactive visualization and analysis of molecular structures and related data, including density maps, supramolecular assemblies, sequence alignments, conformational ensembles, and trajectories.


Data Analysis, Visualization