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Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics

Enrico Gratton, Ph.D.

Center Overview

The Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics (LFD is a national resource center dedicated to development of new fluorescence technologies for biology and medicine and service, training, and dissemination of fluorescence methods in a user facility. In previous years (1986-2010), we established our reputation as the leaders in technological development for fluorescence dynamics. Since moving to UCI in 2006, we expanded the core research and collaborative work in this new fertile biomedical research environment. Projects include:

  1. new concepts in fluorescence microscopy that develop novel imaging methods to exploit the dynamic fluorescence methodologies that are the hallmark of the LFD developments,
  2. expanding the concept of spatio-temporal fluctuation correlation analysis to a new powerful image approach that provides detailed information of molecular flow at the nanoscale,
  3. new methods for 3D nanoimaging based on the orbital tracking approach,
  4. novel technologies for fluorescence lifetime imaging analysis that allow new contrast mechanisms to be applied to tissues and animals, and
  5. development of software/algorithm platform for disseminating the methods for data collection and analysis developed at the LFD.

Impact on Human Health

The technological developments provide real time detection and localization of molecular interactions in 3D in live cells and tissues. We have obtained technological breakthroughs in the areas of microscopy imaging, algorithm developments for revealing comprehensive spatio-temporal correlations, nanoimaging methods with unprecedented resolution and new spectroscopic contrast methods that can identify metabolic states of cells and predict their differentiation behavior.