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Human Genetic Analysis Resource


Center Overview

Research Emphasis

The Human Genetic Analysis Resource (H.G.A.R.) is developing a user-friendly software package, S.A.G.E. (Statistical Analysis for Genetic Epidemiology), that can be used to analyze family data to determine whether the variability of a trait, either quantitative or qualitative, is significantly due to Mendelian segregation at a single genetic locus; whether there is an association between a quantitative or qualitative trait and a known polymorphic genetic marker; and whether there are genetic loci linked to a known genetic marker that underlie variability in a trait.

Current Research

Current research is focused on the theoretical development of statistical methods for the analysis of family data, especially to detect and identify genetic components that underlie disease susceptibility; the incorporation of these methods into appropriate computer programs to make the programs generally available to other human geneticists and genetic epidemiologists in a well-documented and user-friendly form; the evaluation of the validity, power, and robustness of the statistical procedures, especially to differentiate genetic causes from alternative environmental causes for familial aggregation; and the application of methods and programs in collaborative projects to identify single genes that play roles in the etiology of various diseases.