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National Resource for Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Claude Lechene, Ph.D.

Center Overview

The focus of this resource is the application to biomedical research of a new generation of secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS), the Multi-Isotope Imaging Mass Spectrometer (MIMS). MIMS is an ion microscope and an ion counter. MIMS provides high mass separation at high transmission (M / ΔM > 10,000), high spatial resolution (< 40 nm) and has the unique capability of simultaneously recording several atomic mass images. Of the utmost importance, MIMS makes it possible for the first time (and at the intracellular level) to simultaneously image the distribution and measure the accumulation of molecules labeled with any isotopes, in particular with stable isotopes, for example with 15N. Thus, MIMS allows one to study localization, accumulation and turnover of proteins, fats, sugars and foreign molecules in cellular microdomains, donor-receiver cellular trafficking, stem cell nesting and localization of drugs.