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Integrated Technologies for Polymeric Biomaterials, RESBIO

Joachim Kohn, Ph.D.

Center Overview

The Resource Integrated Technologies for Polymeric Biomaterials (RESBIO) works to develop integrated tools and technologies that advance the discovery of polymeric biomaterials for regenerative medicine, the delivery of biological agents, and the next generation of medical implants. To achieve its mission, RESBIO's research is focused on the development of combinatorial and computational approaches to biomaterials design and optimization. Within this framework, RESBIO employs and uses:

  • Advanced multi-photon confocal laser microscopy to explore, understand, and control the response of cells in contact with artificial surfaces
  • Electron microscopy techniques to study the effect of nano-scale surface morphological features on cell behavior

RESBIO research emphasizes the integration of a strong synthetic effort to create new biomaterial candidates with the development of rapid screening techniques for key material and biological properties relevant to the performance of a biomaterial in a given medical application.